Showcasing the creativity of retailers in the culture sector 

Smartify Shop works with passionate retailers to bring visitors unique gifts with a story to tell. 

Museum and gallery shops are curated with a huge amount of creativity and imagination, and we want to amplify it. Many of our partners have exclusive rights to particular works of art, so the most reliable way to take home a print of your favourite painting is via the institution. Smartify Marketplace amplifies the work of museum merchandisers, and offers audiences the chance to take home something truly special. 

Supporting cultural venues where they need it most

As a social enterprise, Smartify’s goal is to amplify and extend the work that museums and galleries do. Smartify Shop has been set up to offer cultural organisations a new, sustainable revenue stream. 

Our Marketplace has been developed in collaboration with the sector. Every time a customer makes a purchase, they’re directly supporting a museum, gallery or heritage site. 

Leading with stories and a curated experience

Smartify Shop exists to connect people with unique gifts through curated, story-led shopping experiences. We want to capture that feeling of discovery when you pick up a must-have item, fresh from an experience with art or culture. 


Making sustainability a priority 

We leverage our influence in the sector and encourage more web shops to adopt sustainable practices. Our products, processes and partners are chosen with the environment in mind. 

This means: only adding ethical and sustainable products to our shopfront; auditing our partners’ fulfilment practices; and choosing third party suppliers with green credentials.